About the Illustrious Blogger

I live in a rural area, near a small town in northwestern Oregon, and I love to knit, cook, craft, watch movies, read and write. I learned beginning knitting and crochet from my grandma when I was twelve or thirteen. That was a little more than fifteen years ago, but I’ve become especially interested in knitting in the last five to eight years. I haven’t taken any formal classes yet, but I’ve done a lot (truly, a lot) of reading, researching, and teaching myself about knitting. I love looking at patterns and getting ideas. Sometimes I joke that I spend more time thinking and reading about knitting than actually doing it. That may be true at times, but I do really love making (and finishing!) knitted projects too.  I’m not much of a crocheter yet, but I’d like to learn more. I’d especially like to learn how to make Granny Squares…they are so cute!

In the cooking area, I guess I’m a self taught foodie. I started learning to cook when I was little. My mom loves to say that I’ve been at it since I was so little that she’d sit me on the counter to “help” her knead bread. I’d get covered in flour and have a great time. I kept cooking all the years I was growing up…and I’m still at it! I’ve also been reading a lot of cookbooks and cooking magazines, and watching cooking shows on T.V. along the way. For a while, I was trying to mostly eat and cook vegetarian, but now I’m more into moderation and balanced (mostly) healthy eating. I try to remember the Mediterranean diet whenever possible: lots of vegetables and fruits, most of the grains are whole, olive oil is the primary fat (canola is okay when you don’t want to use olive oil), and  proteins come mostly from beans, nuts and seeds, a little less often from fish, even less from chicken, eggs and dairy, and only occasionally from red meat. But, I also like to say that I eat healthy most of the time, so that some of the time, I can eat a few unhealthy things! I think that relates nicely to that idea of moderation I mentioned before. So, more about me later. Toodle-oo!


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