To the Beach!

Path to the Beach

Well, it’s been a little while since the last post here. I wish I could say it was because I’ve been doing lots of interesting things, or been on an exciting vacation, but, it’s really just been normal stuff keeping me busy. I’ve been  helping my mom out and driving her places, since she still cannot see very well. Also, my boyfriend got a very pretty new car, so we’ve been having fun driving it and showing it off to everyone.

On Thursday, we went to the beach in the new car. It was so much fun. It is a convertible, so of course, we had to have the top down all the way there. It really was great. It’s so funny: normally, I’d worry more about going around with messed up hair, but, when I know that my hair is all over the place from riding in the pretty convertible, I don’t mind much at all! I almost feel like it’s some kind of status symbol. Haha. Funny how perspective makes all the difference!

We went to Seaside, Oregon for the day, and the weather was fairly good. The temperature was great (probably around 68 degrees) with plenty of sunshine, but it was pretty windy on the beach. We had packed a picnic lunch that morning with a turkey and cheese sandwich for my boyfriend and a peanut butter and bread-and-butter-pickle sandwich for me. We also had green grapes, and I was carrying around some iced green tea I’d made that morning. Once we got to Seaside, we stopped at the Rite Aid to get hand sanitizer, a Pepsi for him, and a little bag of potato chips to split. We took our lunch down onto the sand and sat on a beach towel to eat. It was a nice picnic, but, even though we tried to keep our food covered, everything was beginning to have a crunchy dusting of sand by the time we were finishing up. Things that we didn’t try to cover, like the upwind side of the beach towel, were actually beginning to disappear under a thick layer of sand by the time we finished eating! It was still a great day at the beach, though, despite all the wind and blowing sand. It was actually pretty nice for walking. The wind kept us cool and comfortable while we took a nice long walk on the beach.

Beach Walk: Seaside



Later, we walked on Broadway Street and looked in the shops and art galleries a little. That was fun. I found some postcards to send or give to family, and we had fun looking at all the cute stuff. Later, we ate dinner at a little restaurant / bar and grill place we found there. It was called Big Kahuna Pub and Grill (111 Broadway, Seaside, OR, 97138). It was really good! I got a salmon Ceasar salad, and my guy got halibut fish and chips. Everything was very fresh, high quality, and tasty. My salad had great fresh Romain lettuce, fresh grated Parmesan cheese, and a marvelous chunk of cool, freshly grilled salmon which perfectly balanced the slightly salty-vinegary dressing. And, I think the croutons on it were homemade. I was happy. The bites I had of the fried halibut were great too: hot, fresh, perfectly cooked high quality fish. The prices are not cheap, especially considering you eat on paper plates, but the food itself is at least comparable to Pig and Pancake… maybe even Mo’s (other places we have been happy with before). So, for a nice fish dish from a place like that, the prices are comparable. And, I’d definitely be willing to pull out my wallet for another one of those salads in the near future…paper plate and all!

By the way, the pictures I have here are from Seaside, but they are from a trip we took there in July 2008. Sorry I don’t have any photos from this trip. In trying to remember everything I wanted to take: picnic, long pants, shorts, jacket, sunblock (very important in a convertible!) hairbrush…I forgot my camera. But, on Thursday, the beach looked very similar to how it looked in these photos from 2008. The main difference is, it was a little bit mistier on that day four years ago (I think all that wind on Thursday scoured out any mist!). Here’s one more:

Misty Seaside


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