The Blue and Green Sleeveless Cardigan

In my first post, “Starting,” on September 12, 2011, I talked about the Blue and Green Sleeveless Cardigan I’m knitting. Here’s a link to that post: In it, I told all about the yarn and the pattern, and finished by saying I would post a picture of it soon. Well, I never got around to it, so, here’s how the back piece used to look:

My boyfriend said it reminded him of some kind of animal pelt at this point.

Next, I did front pieces and sewed them onto the back. Then, I started the seed stitch trim around the neck and sides of the fronts:

Blue and Green Sleeveless Cardigan in process.

The neck and front trim looks kind of scrunched here because it’s still on the circular needle.


Blue and Green Sleeveless Cardigan Shoulder.

I’m fairly happy with how the shoulder seams came out on this, but I still hope I’ll get a little better at them with practice.


It’s going pretty well. My only complaint right now is that it’s kind of boring going back and forth across all that seed stitch trim. But, it’s a good project for working on while I’m watching T.V., talking, or riding in the car. It’s actually beginning to look like a cardigan, though, so that makes it more inspiring.

I think it’s going to be sort of a mid-season piece; something I will mostly wear in the Spring or Autumn. I guess that’s how it’s intended too, since it was published in the Fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting. I don’t think I’m going to get it done in time to wear before the weather gets warm this Summer, but I’m hoping to be able to wear it by the time it starts getting cool again at the end of Summer. Also, being nearly sleeveless (technically it’s sleeveless; the dolman shaping plus the trim around the arm holes hints at sleeves to me), it might be a good Summer sweater for what I call “severely air conditioned” buildings. There aren’t too many of these in my medium sized town, but there are a few. Certain grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters are kept so cool in the Summertime that I want to put on a sweater when I go in; even if I take it off again when I go outside. When we have visited Las Vegas in the Summer, I always wanted to have a light sweater with me. It’s so hot in the Summer there, I’d wear a tank top and light skirt, but when I’d go in the casinos, I’d freeze if I didn’t have some kind of sweater. I’d joke that it seemed backward to put on one’s sweater to go inside and take it off to go outside. So, maybe I can get that sleeveless sweater done in time for some Summer sweater wear too….we’ll see!


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