Sock Attempt #2

Last time, I talked about how on my first attempt at sock knitting, I made a nicely stitched and shaped sock, but it came out rather huge because I used worsted-weight yarn with a pattern that used fingering weight or #2 weight yarn.

My second attempt at sock knitting came much closer to success. That time, I went to Evie’s Yarn Emporium in Longview Washington. There, I bought a sport-weight (#3) wool-blend sock yarn in a nice lavender color and a pattern and needles for making children’s socks with that yarn. I thought that a child’s sock might be a good way to practice sock knitting in a manageable size. My hope was that they would turn out well enough that I could give them to Shelby as a gift.  So, appropriate materials in hand, I started making a sock, and, ta-dah! It was coming out in the correct size and gauge. That was very nice, and I think I got pretty far on the first one. But, then something happened (I think it may have been college), and I got distracted. Then, I somehow lost the large zip-top bag I was using to carry the sock and pattern around in as I worked on it. I looked and looked through my room at my parents’ house, until I gave up. I was so exasperated! Later, I found the half-knitted sock, needles and yarn but not the pattern. I wondered if I could buy the pattern again, or somehow figure out what to do next by looking at another one. I didn’t know where to start, though. So, Shelby never got a pair of socks from me…that’s why I said that this attempt came closer to success. Someday, I’d like to knit her something nice, though.

But, aside from the exasperation, I was actually feeling fairly cheerful and confident about sock knitting after those two first projects. I knew that in the first project, I figured out the mechanics of knitting a basic sock on double pointed needles. On the second try, I learned how to knit something to a specific gauge.  So, the only remaining issue was keeping track of the project, and that had nothing to do with knitting, only organization. So, soon I would try sock attempt #3, which would be successful.


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