Summer’s End

Ah, today was a gorgeous day here. It was sunny and warm, with just some wisps of cloud in a blue sky. Fort Stevens State Park (on the northern Oregon coast), was great: lots of smooth dry brown grass to walk through, perfect temperature, and we saw a herd of elk! It was very neat! They are big animals, and they were talking to each other! Well, they were vocalizing with the whistling/trumpeting sounds they use. I think it’s awesome that there are still such large wild animals living near us. And, while we were in the car, I got to work on my knitting. Yay! It was a nice afternoon.


About kebbycrafts

I love to knit, craft, cook, read, and watch movies...and then blog about it! I might also blog about other things as they come up; I figure anything one might do for fun on a week-end is fair game. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in reading, please check out my blog on Wordpress.
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